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Our therapies consist of three distinct but interrelated modalities:

  • Nutritional and Lifestyle Counseling: There are a number of very specific supplements we use that have been shown, clinically and scientifically, to have excellent anti-inflammatory qualities.

  • Bowen Therapy: A soft-tissue, non-invasive hands-on therapy that addresses the connective tissue or fascia of the body.

  • LLLT Therapy or Cold Laser Therapy: Our Class 3b Cold laser is recognized as a medical device by Health Canada and the FDA for helping with pain reduction.

Naturopathic Consulting

Identify the cause of the concern rather than simply treat the presenting symptoms. This is perhaps the defining difference in approach between naturopathic and conventional medicine.

Look for the safest, least invasive, but most effective therapy.

Includes discussion about foods that may be challenging for you to eat, encouraging the eating of certain foods to restore balance and health, ensuring that you are following certain basic nutritional guidelines for health, and suggesting a supplementation regimen that may help your specific situation.

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy consists of a series of precisely placed, soft tissue, moves that involve lightly rolling across and affecting various muscles and to a lesser extent, tendons and ligaments.

The effect is very gentle and pain should never be a part of the treatment.

Simply put, Bowen is unlike anything else, when it comes to whole body safety, gentleness, effectiveness and results.

Cold Laser Therapy

Treatment with a Cold Laser is a simple, safe, and non-invasive process that has little or no side effects or contraindications.

Low Level Laser Therapy

It improves tissue repair, speeds healing, and reduces pain and inflammation where ever the beam of light is directed.