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As Natural Health therapists we have two main objectives. First, we need to get you relief from the concern you have. Whether it is chronic pain, arthritis, weight management issues, chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart disease, or digestive problems, we use a variety of protocols to help you find relief. And, second, we work to find out why you are dealing with that concern in the first place.

“I want to take this time to thank-you for giving my life back to me. I will always say that you had the miracle fingers. Thanks and thanks again from the bottom of my heart.”

Michelle W.
“I was referred to Abbott Wellness Solutions by a health care practitioner who I had been seeing for chronic lower back pain. I explored the typical routes including medication ad gained temporary relief. Being open to exploring any option that would give me some relief and improve my quality of life, I made an appointment. Cyril welcomed me and immediately put me at ease. We discussed what was working and not working in my efforts to relieve my pain and quickly began Bowen Therapy. I did my best to follow the suggestions Cyril gave that would help augment the therapy and very soon … my pain subsided. Joy and relief are my overwhelming feelings when I think about this therapy and my experience at Abbott Wellness. My first session was more than two years ago and my relief continues. I only wish I had explored this option sooner.” AnnMarie Connors
AnnMarie Connors

To schedule an appointment call 709-381-2000 for a FREE 20 minute consultation.

Sometimes, it is best just to talk things through. We offer a 20-minute consultation, free of charge and with no obligation. We’ll listen to your issues, and provide you with our initial assessment on how we can be of help.

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